We believe that Neighborhood Associations are a fundamentally important and often ignored aspect of a comprehensive approach to civic engagement.

Our innovative civic engagement program looks beyond candidates, parties or ballot initiatives to focus on the neighborhood’s community concerns. By connecting our neighbors to issues close to home we aim to encourage their civic participation beyond the ballot box.


Somos Tejas is setting out to help support the growth of neighborhood associations in the Dallas area, by providing resources such as:

  • Start-up Funding

  • Organization Infrastructure Coaching

  • Assistance with Community Outreach

We are also currently working in unrepresented areas to seed new neighborhood associations where none currently exist.

Program Goals for 2022

Seed or support startup Neighborhood Associations

Increase household participation rate in our partner Neighborhood Associations

Host community events in areas of interest to the neighborhoods

Develop and release a Neighborhood Association Toolkit

Our Neighborhood Association Partners:


Polk/Vernon Neighborhood Association


Mount Vernon Neighborhood Association


East Hampton Hills Neighborhood Association


Parkdale/Lawnview Neighborhood Association

Our Neighborhood Coalition Partners:


West Oak Cliff Coalition


Singleton United/Unidos

Neighborhood and Coalition Partners not pictured above:

  • Jimtown Neighborhood Association
  • Pleasant Grove Unidos
Albert Mata
Sandy Schadler

Albert Mata

Board Member & Neighborhood Engagement Chair

Want to get involved?

You can join our neighborhood association committee meetings! To get involved with these efforts, reach out to, or send us a note below:

Be the Change

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