Do I have to get a third vaccine/booster shot?

The only people who are currently recommended should take a booster are those who are 65 years and older, 50 years and older with underlying medical conditions, 18 years and older living in long-term care settings. You may also get a booster shot based one individual benefits and risks such as 18-49 year olds with certain medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes or 18-64 year olds at increased risk of exposure because of where they work.

What is the latest on FDA approvals?

FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine for ages 12 and up. The FDA authorized all three vaccines for emergency use. Pfizer is also currently seeking approval for ages 5-11 as well. Millions of people have taken the vaccines since they came out and we still don't have any zombies, so it's safe to say the vaccines are fine!

Can I get COVID-19 even if I am vaccinated?

Fully vaccinated people are largely protected against the Delta variant. All vaccines are providing high levels of protection against severe COVID-19 infection. If you do get COVID-19, you are much less likely to get very sick or die.

Are the vaccines safe?

The vaccines have gone through proper testing and trials and have been authorized safe for use, which means it’s been proven safe and effective. The Pfizer vaccines have received FDA approval as well.  All and all, it is safe and not deadly like COVID! So, vacunate!

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